Nature is full of visible regularities, symmetry, in living and non- living things no two are exactly alike.


Two very loud crows, Holderness, NH.


You can almost hear the crackle of this fire.


A macro view of lichen from an old grave stone.


Another macro view in HDR (high dynamic range)  of a piece of melting snow .


A cold view from a window, giving the  condensation  a leaf effect.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church had its beginnings in Concord, NH, in 1905 as a mission church for the “North End” parishioners of St. John’s. It was originally located on Walker St. In 1955 the present day church on N. State St. was erected. This is another of the churches who’s fate is yet to be decided by the diocese amid their consolidation.


This roundel window is located on the stairway to the choir.


This is one of three commemorative windows from the old church on Walker St.


Detail of a bottom section of a larger window.


Beautiful, deep colors in this quatrefoil.


Another commemorative window in the south sacristy.


Detail of roses at the feet of Mary.

Shades of Gray

The selections of photographs in this week’s post are an exploration of shades of gray.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Lines and shadows created by a fire escape against a brick wall in Concord, NH, provide a full range of gray tones and textures.


This image takes advantage of the dappled light through the trees and collected rain water to generate a range of gray tones in a carved stone memorial found in the St. Paul’s School Cemetery, Concord, NH. The pelican is a medieval symbol of piety and a symbol of the school.


This image of the main street of downtown Concord, NH, was taken using color film and was then processed as slide film, and printed black and white, to generate this interesting effect.


The play of shadows and light against the gray background of the bark of a beech tree.

river's_ shadows_w

Taken at Sewell’s Falls,  in Concord, NH, the dark gray shadows create an interesting contrast with the range of lighter shades of gray provided by the deterioration of the concrete.


There is a touch of fall in the air lately, reminding me that it is time to pick some flowers for the blog:


Sunflowers are my favorite flowers, vibrant, strong and beautiful.


This sunflower almost seems lit from within.


Turning its head to meet the sun.


A cluster of little rays of sunshine.

hot_ sunflower_ w

A glowing face captured at the end of the day still holding the sun.


We often see seemingly unrelated objects that are put together and somehow they all fit.  Any one of the objects on their own are interesting in their own right, but put it all together and  it’s unpredictable, impulsive,  fun and just appealing to our eyes.


Mt. Agassiz Trading , Bethlehem, NH.  More than the eye could see in this shop.


I think this guy was a throw back from Story Land.


I really liked the play of light on this cash register.


Hey Diddle Diddle….


Little Miss Muffet sitting in Bethlehem, NH.


Long exposure photography captures the stationary objects while blurring the moving aspects of it.   We are a world in motion, but we often forget to capture it.


Fireworks are all a matter of timing.


Riding down the road on I93.  It gives the feeling of a ghost in the road.

pixies_ in _the_ night_w

This photo is a grouping of street lights.  I think it looks like faeries running up-hill.


A quick trip into a car wash.


Fall colors in passing on way to the Franconia Notch, northern  NH.

Cars and Trucks

Old cars and trucks are fantastic to photograph.  The varying shades and  colors of the sun-beaten paint make each one unique.


This truck in Chichester, NH, looked like it had a few tales to tell.


A big Ford truck tucked away behind a junk shop in Chichester, NH.


This car is way out in a field in Loudon, NH.  I loved the crackled look of the windshield.


Another throw back from Loudon,NH.  Looks like it was going a little over the speed limit.


A warm winter day in Canterbury, NH.


A very cool bus that’s been parked in the same spot for quite a while – also in Canterbury, NH.

Water Reflections

The play of light on water always seems to make a magical image.  It always amazes me how a different perspective can create a whole new look.


This particular image is on the Merrimack River,I think it looks like water fairies.


Gentle clouds floating by.

monet _reflection_w (1)

Fall colors on Crooked Pond , Loudon, NH.  This was a very quiet and peaceful spot.


Ripples created on a kayaking adventure.


Lovely colors on Boston Harbor.


This is my favorite in this collection, sometimes life seems upside down.


High Dynamic Range, or HDR,  is a photographic process where three  photographs are taken at  different shutter speeds that are then overlapped in Photoshop  to create a photo with increased detail, shadow and highlights. The photographs in this blog post were taken using an in-camera setting that automatically generates an HDR effect, eliminating the need to use Photoshop to assemble the image.  Following are some of my recent favorite HRD shots:


Spools of thread in an antique store – lots of different colors to see enhanced.


I love the crackle effect of the old paint on the Abbot and Downing coach panel.  The HDR further enhances the contrast.


Sunflower are some of my favorite things to photograph.


The subway becomes even more animated in HDR.


Another shot taken in my favorite antique store – this great old graphic jumps to life.


A nice ending with color, contrast and shadow.  The beer was tasty too.


This grouping of photographs is from a series I did a few years ago of the fire escapes between two buildings on North State Street. This series was shot with 35m black and white film, not digitally as I usually do, and I wanted to capture as much of the gray scale range as I could with the medium.


I was interested in the patterns created from the light shining through the metal slats, and was happy to also find a shopping cart in the alley to add even more lines to the composition.


I have made prints of these on metallic paper and the results are spectacular.


This perspective gives the appearance of a downward angle, when it is actually going up.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

This one narrow alley offered so many different views and perspectives – it is just the kind of place I am always on the lookout for, and i found this one to be very rewarding.